New Job at Google!

I’m very excited to begin a new job at Google in Sydney, Australia as an IT Resident!

I’ll be working on internal operations engineering, ensuring that other Googlers and the systems they use are working efficiently. I’ve already met some amazing and talented people there and am looking forward to the super cool project work I’ll get to undertake.

Google exceeded my (already pretty high) expectations of the working environment there – going to work feels fun and enjoyable instead of a chore. Basically every service and perk you can think of to live and work in comfort, health and happiness is taken care of. I’m very humbled to be here and also extremely grateful to my parents, teachers, lecturers, previous colleagues and friends for all helping me along the way!

To anyone in Sydney or coming: contact me! I’d love to catch up 🙂 Also keep an eye on my Insta as I’ll post some stuff from orientation etc

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