About Me

Me in 5 seconds

People would say that I’m a chatty person who loves to meet people, is always coming up with random business ideas and loves to work with tech. That’s the very quick version!

The Extended Version

The People Part

Born in New Zealand to European parents, I’m a mix of cultures and perhaps stemming from this, love learning languages and exploring new cultures.

I try to live life by the motto of “be comfortable with the uncomfortable” which has led me to plenty of shenanigans. Perhaps unsurprisingly, meeting new people, learning about their lives and hearing their stories is something I find very rewarding

The Tech Part

I’ve been tinkering with computers since I was old enough to operate a screwdriver without eating it, so I think it’s fair to say technology is a passion of mine. Nowadays I’m a developer (mainly web) with my main baby being Javascript/Typescript based web apps. I’ve also been known to wrangle the odd spot of Python and Go code.

I also work with cryptocurrencies and dabble in digital design, e.g. UX design, logos etc. Learning new stuff is always exciting for me and I dare say I’m acceptably proficient at it.

The Business Part

My friends are probably sick of me going “Oh what about a website/app that…” or “I had a new idea today for…”. New ideas are always sprouting in my head to solve problems that I see in the world. My end life goal is to found and/or lead a business that has social and environmental benefits in mind.

A non-exhaustive list of my current ventures:

  • Humanics Education, creating an intercultural skills ‘suitcase’ for international schools. Check us out at humanics.education!
  • Marvellous, a Digital Marketing Agency. Check us out at marvellousseo.com!
  • Working with Crypto Launchpad as a business developer, cryptocurrency token economist, whitepaper writer and ICO analyst.
  • Freelancing as a business strategy consultant, especially in the areas of IT innovation and automation.
  • I also have my day job at Google, which I find plenty interesting – Google is a fascinating company to work for. I do always seem to fall into having a little ‘hustle’ or three on the side though.

If you’re looking for expertise in web/online presence development, including progressive web app development, as well as business strategy consulting – hit me up!

Feel free to flick me an email via the contact page or contact me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc 😊 Thanks for reading.

– Stephan