2018 to date

I thought I’d pen a little post on what I’ve been up to this year, as it’s been a busy one.

After studying in China at Peking University for 6 weeks last year, I came back to enjoy the summer and traveled around various places in the South Island (here in Kiwiland/New Zealand) with some friends. I then started a job at Lane Neave, one of New Zealand’s oldest law firms, where I undertook IT project work, including software development and system design.

After 4 months of working at Lane Neave, I was offered a position by Google to begin in Sydney from July – super exciting! Thus began the logistics of moving to Sydney and arranging for a new life in Australia – I was going to leave a lot behind 🙁

I moved at the end of June and luckily was able to stay with a good friend who I’d met in Europe, which gave me time to organise things. Starting at Google was amazing, as it’s a great company to work for and filled to the brim with interesting, passionate people. I also quickly realised how big the company was, and how amazing their technical achievements at scale are. There was (and continues to be) much to learn for my new role which is going to be very good for my technical knowledge!

Travelling to Mountain View/Silicon Valley for Noogler (new + Googler = noogler) orientation was quite a highlight in the year. I got to explore around Silicon Valley and Google’s headquarters, which is a tech nerds dream come true. Hanging out in California in summertime is pretty dope, there’s heaps going on and plenty of places to explore, like Santa Cruz, Stanford University, San Francisco etc.

Now being back in Sydney, I’m settling in to life here and working on making the best impact I can at Google 😀

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